New Compositions Underway

By Lars Rosager | News

Nov 25

Hi, everyone. This update has to do with two compositions in progress. One is for seven-string guitar and voice. It will be a very meticulous work, unlike the other composition, which is to be set for five-course baroque guitar and voice.

I would like to share the text as it stands thus far. For your reference, the refrain is “For no two hearts the same”:

Love fulfills.
Love kills.
Love greets the infinite,
For no two hearts the same.

Does struggle
Dare to
Shine, overshadowing
Gentler observance?

Any general feedback or constructively critical comment is most welcome. As for the piece that includes the five-course baroque guitar, I am toying with ideas still. I have decided on taking an improvisational approach, probably starting out with several iterations of a short harmonic cycle. To be at least remotely decisive, I know I want to begin with an A major triad . . . Thoughts?