A gravely prevalent trait of humankind shows its darkest dangers in conflict over what the nature of reality is; any response to this point of contention holds inevitably true that for each one of the innumerable human beings who have ever existed, the nature of reality has differed.

I am offering astrological readings accompanied by musical composition.

With astrology my goal is not to apply some magical secret that allows people to solve their problems. Rather, astrology should be a matter of inquiry into the natural symbolism of human life. If this gives rise to a meaningful discussion about topics to which people relate and allows them more profound examinations of their feelings and thoughts—their lives in all aspects—then astrology has been used successfully.

One-hour session (in-person or over the phone) with five minutes of recorded music: $75.00 USD.
If you are interested in a session of a different duration, please contact me and we can discuss pricing.

Client Testimonials

“You have provided me with good knowledge about myself . . . Your reading is very accurate in terms of the situation I am facing these days . . . Regarding the personality traits and other factors, you are correct . . . Your astrological advice has come as a guiding light for me, and I will surely follow it.  It filled me with hope, and it is very inspirational.  I appreciate the way in which you have delivered the knowledge.  I understand very well what you are saying, and I am quite relieved.  Thank you so much for your insightful input and sensitivity toward my situation.”
-Smriti Sharma

“Lars’s astrology lesson taught me that I am earthy in the way I present myself to others.  I also learned that I should focus on my creative fulfillment as well as my social life.  Very insightful.”
-Alex Shapiro-Romano

“Lars is brilliant. Anything he sets his mind to, he digs deeply into and brings an interesting perspective out. Using astrology, I asked him to look into an aspect of my life, which has since passed and I still had questions about. He offered understanding that I was seeing but had yet to make sense of. The insights he found through my information provided helped to bring comfort to changing tides I experienced. The music he provided brought light to the underlying principles which ruled my inquires. He brings an empowering look into astrology. He also invites a deeper connection with the wealth of power and knowledge through developing a personal connection with different astrological dynamics.”

-Tesia Blonski

“I remember being kids and enjoying talking with Lars, in-depth, about astrological insights and our zodiac signs and meanings. Now that I have been going through my saturn return, Lars really helped me to understand more clearly what it means to have a saturn return and about the themes and meanings of my natal chart. I love how thorough he is in his research and understanding of astrology, and also how artfully he interpreted my questions about the saturn return meaning. I highly recommend Lars to anyone looking for clarity about their personal astrological inquiries and curiosity!”

-Sarah Sharrow