Intention, Good Will

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Nov 25

Picture With the ugliness of world news today, I would like to make an attempt to remind my fellow musicians and writers, as well as artists of all other media, that with sincere intention—mindful, heartfelt, soulful focus—on our respective artistic tasks, no effort goes unnoticed.

To hermitize ourselves enough to sufficiently develop our skills can be challenging, even guilt-inducing. How can this paradox be overcome? Perhaps one sees an opportunity to engage with and improve upon the community or the world on a greater scale, but feels reluctant to leave the security of one’s artistic haven.

I challenge the idea that art for art’s sake is less meaningful than art made with an explicit social function. Do not forget the importance of defining your mindset as you work. What are you invoking through the project at hand, and what are the repercussions on various planes of consciousness?

No matter who ends up seeing or hearing (etc.) your work, how much money you receive for it, or if it even gets finished, I submit that the creative energy expended, if it is expended with righteous intent, is a win for improving our world.



Daddy Ronnie

12/1/2015 12:40:03 pm

Folks can consider almost anything righteous long as something other than “feelings” bolsters the conception. The viability of any belief system remains doubtful. But I agree with the idea of purity in the creative process.



12/1/2015 08:49:36 pm

Seems to me the scientific truths of the universe (planet Earth and its ecosystem included, of course) constitute the only viable belief system. It’s kind of like asking, “Do you believe in astrology?”. The correct response should be that there’s no need to believe in it, because sensible astrology is the study of the nature of Earth and the Cosmos themselves. It’s kind of like asking, “Do you believe in dogs?”. There’s no need to ponder the question, because everyone knows they exist. It’s not like believing in Santa Claus. Therefore righteous intent should be simply aligning with what is irrefutably true, similar to what you say about feelings. Purity in creativity should be relatively easy to discern then.