Textual Chordophonics guides historically informed instruction in Music and Language Arts toward a practical Moral Philosophy. Being a crucial period in the inter-cultural history of the guitar, Renaissance Spain serves as a point of departure for the study of music as a universal language. Textual Chordophonics comes alive through an ample interest in the greater lute family of instruments, and in how this diverse group of instrumental treasures is tied to the art and science of language both aural-oral and read-written. I am a firm believer in Music and Language Arts as indispensable parts of a healthy society, and do my best to share skills and information widely. If you are interested in private instruction or group classes, please get in touch via the Contact page. Fees for all of my services are negotiable along the lines of a sliding-scale system. For more information on Textual Chordophonics pedagogy, click here.

Lars Rosager’s Curriculum Vitae