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If you would like to commission a musical or literary work (or combination thereof!), please see the Contact page.


Funky Maestro

A original collaboration by Lars Rosager (guitar) and Alex Shapiro-Romano (percussion, bass, production). Available as MP3 file for $5.00 USD.



Truth Turned Dream (In Color)

An original composition for voice and guitar. For samples and to learn a bit behind the compositional process of this piece, see the corresponding blog post here. MP3 file: $5.00 USD. Score free with purchase of the MP3.


Selected Poems Vol. 2

A collection of thirteen original poems. There is no doubt that variety figures centrally, but one primary unifying theme is how one might approach the laws of nature through a philosophically practical disposition. Between this and first volume of poems, which evoke more subjective and romantic moods, future efforts at summing up previous stylings are sure to be dynamic. $25.00 USD (digital and print versions available).

Here is the first section of the three-part piece that opens the collection:


As we ran from the sun,

We found, at long last,

A good reason not to look

Back into the moonlit forest.


Setting Sun

Based on Raga Yaman, “Setting Sun” presents fusion stylings by percussionists Alex Shapiro-Romano and Dave Eagle to accompany a melodic composition for the guitar. Sample available below. $2.00 USD for the full track. Thanks!

Far East Blues

“Far East Blues” is a collaborative funky Hip Hop track featuring percussionist Alex Shapiro-Romano, bassist William Bohrer, and myself on guitar and vocals. Sample available below. $3.00 USD for the full track. Thanks!




Campanella Exercises for the Modern Guitar

Campanella technique is typical of Italian Baroque guitar styles. The key to its success was reentrant tuning, which is almost never employed on modern instruments. These simple exercises in C Major, G Major, and D Major offer an introduction to making rich harp-like sounds an integral part of your playing. It would be a pleasure to guide you through how these exercises might be taken further and explore fitting them to your personal tastes and goals. ​$5.00 USD.




This short poem (in Spanish) plays on themes involving the vision of a shared world, ongoing discovery and becoming, and alchemical processes in one’s own education and enlightenment. The form plays on alternating Yin- and Yang-inspired lines.

$8.00 USD



A brief composition for voice and seven-string guitar, also featured on “Extranjero” (see below).

​$2.00 USD


Journeys Old and New

Journeys Old and New is a three-track collection of music for voice and guitar consisting of an arrangement of a composition from Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Morais, one original piece, and one track combining original poetry and music with a traditional Spanish harmonic progression for Baroque guitar.

$10.00 USD

“A Lyric on Truth”
A short lyric poem touching on themes of a spiritual and philosophical nature. Digital copy $2.00 USD.
Selected Poems Volume I
Twenty-three poems (in English) on a variety of themes. $15.00 USD print and bound, $7.50 digital.​________________________________________________________________________________________________
A short poem on the theme of spiritual and/or economic class.  $1.50 USD for a cursive, handwritten, autographed copy.  Shipping free within the continental USA.  Thanks.________________________________________________________________________________________________
“Peer into the Night”
A short three-stanza poem on the esoteric theme of identity within art, history, and transcendental consciousness.  How is the struggle of earthly life implied, especially in the last stanza?$3.00 USD for a cursive, handwritten, autographed copy.  Shipping free within the continental United States of America.  Thank you.________________________________________________________________


I am offering some new work:

I have a new recording entitled “Pavana y gallarda,” an original composition based on Spanish Renaissance dance forms.  It is an instrumental piece for seven-string guitar–an mp3 4:34 in length.  $0.50 USD

The sheet music for this piece, written in my hand, is also available.  $3.00 USD

On a related note, an original soneto of mine has recently seen completion.  It is a poem in Spanish–a slight variant on the traditional Italian sonnet structure.  $5.00 USD

If you buy all three works together, the price is $6.25 USD.  If you would like to preview this music and/or poetry, please get a hold of me via the Contact page.

Thank you very much.



Free Wandering
January 8, 2014
The title “Free Wandering” is associated with Taoist philosophy.  While we as human beings are obligated to a sense of order and rationality during most of our waking lives, it is important to reserve some time for exploration, expansion, and experiencing peace and harmony through complete liberation.  So I am happy to offer a one-track, 27-minute-32-second-long release that embraces free jazz, contemporary classical, and folk-inspired music without losing sight of my own styles.  I want to see all I can see without getting lost.  I guess getting lost is not always bad . . .Free Wandering (27:32)______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Ut supra sic infra

November 2, 2013

On this album you will find music from Renaissance-era England and Spain, jazz, and original compositions inspired by a long history of classical guitar tradition.  There are three sets of improvisations on typical ground basses in use during the nascent stages of the Spanish diferencias.  These early “differences” were actually precursors to theme and variations form and, as may be gleaned from the jazz music on this album, I am tracing a lineage of modern improvised music.  One would be correct to assume that one of my musical goals is to reconnect written tradition with improvisatory roots.  

1. Adieu, sweet Amaryllis (Wilbye) 3:53
2. Cállese, ya Mercurio (Daça) 1:47
3. Nunca más verán mis ojos (Daça) 4:21
4. Heart of Hearts 2:30
5. Opus One (Oliver) 2:49
6. Conde Claros (Traditional) 2:28
7. Improvisations on Guárdame las vacas (Traditional) 3:40
8. Improvisations on Las folias de España (Traditional) 3:06
9. Improvisations on a Lamento Bass (Traditional) 1:29
10. In tenebris 3:23

$5.00 USD Digital, $10.00 USD (plus shipping) Autographed CD.


“The First Sound of the First Return”

This is a poem arranged in an original configuration to which I have given the name “sound.”  I have another original form called the “song.”  I have written several poems in the song form to which I will be adding music.  The sound may be likened more to instrumental music, a less naturally melodic style.  This first sound is available for $1.00 USD Digital, $2.00 USD (plus shipping) Autographed Hard Copy.



A short poem of mine about the individual’s life in the eyes of the divine.  $1.00 USD Digital, $2.00 USD (plus shipping) Autographed Hard Copy.





The theme of this album has to do with the solo artist in comparison with the concept of the homer sacer (Latin for “sacred man”).  Much more complicated than the translation implies, this idea infers study of law in Western society and notions of the profane.  The music ranges from Gregorian chant to original compositions in a modern choro style.  Released July 18, 2013.  $5.00 USD Digital, $10.00 USD (plus shipping) Autographed CD.
1 – Extranjero (3:38)
2 – Oculi Mei – Third Sunday of Lent Introit (Gregorian Chant) (4:02)
3 – Removido (1:12)
4 – Love Without a Love (1:11)
5 – Pan’s Labyrinth Theme (Navarette) (1:08)
6 – Canzonetta delle campane (1:15)
7 – Lover, Come Back to Me (Romberg, Hammerstein II) (4:27)
8 – Time to Thaw (2:07)
9 – Prelude No 2 in E Major (Villa-Lobos) (3:36)
10 – Cousin Mary (Coltrane) (2:48)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Harmony Lives/Melodiboken



My first release, this album is comprised of two sections.  The first includes jazz, classical, and Latin styles while the second is made up of Scandinavian choral music transcribed for the seven string guitar.  Released June 15, 2012.  $5.00 USD Digital, $10.00 USD (plus shipping) Autographed CD.

Harmony Lives

1.) Choro de paz (Lars Christian Rosager) 2:24
2.) Tenderly (Gross/Lawrence) 4:53
3.) Make Music At Midnight (Lars Christian Rosager) 2:59
4.) Montuno Montero (Lars Christian Rosager) 2:55
5.) Armaggedon (Shorter) 5:49
6.) De coraçao a coraçao (Jacob do bandolim) 5:46
7.) Canon Sayvlita (Laetitia cor meum) (Lars Christian Rosager) 1:50
8.) Happily Heartbroken (Lars Christian Rosager) 2:56
9.) Guitar Sonata No. 1 – 1st Mvmt. (LCR) 4:57
10.) 2nd Mvmt. 1:59
11.) 3rd Mvmt. 0:27
12.) 4th Mvmt. 2:00
13.) 5th Mvmt. 1:52
14.) Komm, lieber zither komm (WA Mozart Text: Anon) 1:48
15.) Rain Dance (LCR) 1:55


1.) Strålende hjem. (Scandinavian Traditional) 1:12
2.) Tårer kan ei frelse. (K.Å.) 0:38
3.) Til fredens hjem. (Prins Gustaf) 1:46
4.) Trofast og helhertet. (Georg C. Stebbins) 1:53
5.) Under korset gikk sin død. (Efter Pilgrimsharpan) 0:46
6.) Vårt land, vårt land (Friedr. Pacius) 0:49
7.) Vi vandrer hjem. (Trad.) 0:59
8.) Vær stille min sjel. (Trad.) 0:43
9.) Ytterst mot norden. (Norwegian Folkson) 0:39
10.) Är det ringa. (Trad.) 0:29