Sneak Peak at Textual Chordophonics Live

By Lars Rosager | News

Jan 13

Picture One of the primary goals of my upcoming concert series taking place in Petaluma, CA—Textual Chordophonics Live—is to revisit my compositions of years past. I have created a large body of work, and intend to share it with my community through an outlook that highlights the guitar’s connections to the liberal arts. The following clip is an interpretation of the traditional Flamenco form Tangos. It is an improvisation based on the third movement of my second guitar sonata. I will be performing an improvisation on this same piece at the first concert, among, of course, many other works. If you would like to attend, please see the Contact page of this website, Thanks.


Fuerte es mi Mundo.
Fuerte es mi Sol, por Dios.

My world is strong.
My sun is strong.
By God!

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Lars Rosager plays Casa Montalvo Guitars and Thomastik-Infeld Strings. #TextualChordophonics