The Importance of Transcription

By Lars Rosager | Music

Jan 13

Picture This is a picture of my late pet goat Bart. Happy Capricorn Season, and let the click be a reminder that sometimes, transcribing music can feel like butting heads, whether it be with a goat, against a wall, or otherwise. Nonetheless, using one’s ears to put live or recorded music into notation is very good practice.

Perhaps this is a good lesson on what good practice really is: an extreme challenge? I believe so, that at least in part, practice time is a time to challenge one’s own limits—even the limits of others! I have been compiling jazz licks I have transcribed in an appendix to my catalogue of original compositions. In this post, I share a few of them with you.

​1.) Charlie Hunter, “Indiana,” from Public Domain, 00:00:54.
2.) Kenny Burrell, “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You,” from Midnight Blue, 00:01:14.
3.) John Scofield, “A Go Go,” from A Go Go, 00:02:11.

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