The Current Astrological Situation

By Lars Rosager | Moral Philosophy

Dec 08

Picture As we near the shortest day of the year (i.e., the day with the least amount of daylight), the concurrent waning of the Moon caught my attention. As the Sun approaches the day on which its effect on the Earth is felt least drastically, so is the Moon drawing to a proverbial close.

Checking the charts to assure my assumptions—that in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs the Sun and the Moon are closing in on the darkest hour—were correct (and they were), I find not only the Sun and Moon, but the other five of what I like to call the Seven Acoustic Bodies are descending toward the very bottom of the Zodiac as well. All seven of the visible celestial bodies—Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn—are situated right now between twelve and six o’clock.

Traditionally, the area from Scorpio to Capricorn is where the hero perishes. It is death, midnight, winter, New Moon; but it is also a new beginning. It is difficult to argue with the proposition that the celestial bodies whose influences are felt most directly by people are the Sun and the Moon. Their lights are the most noticeable. Their effects on the natural world—temperature, natural growth, tides, etc.—are the most immediate. In concision, one may note that the Sun and the Moon have often been equated to the consciously self-assertive and the subconsciously self-reflective, respectively. While perhaps less easy to feel, and with arguably reduced impacts, the other five Acoustic Bodies join the Sun and the Moon in descent at the current moment.

Overall, my experience and intuition point me toward calling the present situation introverted. Apart from that, but maybe in some ways related, all seven of the classically observed planets move down, through judgement, through struggle and battle, into and death and rebirth. If you are inclined to count your blessings, gather your thoughts, save your energy (however energy manifests in your life), watch your health, and/or spend some time being yourself on your own during the next few days or so, I would not be surprised. With regeneration comes change. Based on what I can discern, one would be wise to gauge the gravity of what will potentially be lost or significantly altered. With enough focus and sincere intent, I believe the next few days will be the perfect time to take stock of who we are as individuals and rid our mental, physical, and spiritual selves of harmful forces. By this Saturday, the Moon will be waxing. December 22 marks the Winter Solstice, so only after that will daylight begin to increase again.

Speaking of the Catholic faith, Ken Del Ponte has said that one must die to oneself to be born in Christ. My advice to you is that the value in Ken’s words not be contained to Christianity. I see this week to be a wonderful opportunity to experience rejuvenation, a refreshed and reinformed outlook on life (and death) in this Universe and Beyond. God(s) bless.

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