Acoustic Astrology, Music, and Letters

By Lars Rosager | Moral Philosophy

Dec 01

Picture Electricity. It is a recent development in terms of the history of astrology, music, and writing. So why is it so definitive of these three disciplines? So many astrologers are tied to their software, as are musicians and writers to their electronics. Is the majority not allowing a certain measure of entrapment when it subscribes to gadgets that are supposed to make the practice of astrology, music, and writing easier? One may benefit from a bit of skepticism when one hears that the job is going to be simplified by one or another device. It is likely that, along with the advertised simplification, comes an obstacle to separate the astrologer, musician, or writer from the heart of the practice(s) to which they are drawn.

Astrology, which should never be separated from astronomy, consists, in its purest form, of observing the natural world. Music is an exercise in the physics of sound, not computer programming. Writing, while arguably amplified positively by the gargantuan quantities of information available on the Internet, loses, in my opinion, some of its essence when the expression of one’s own mind is invaded by the countless so-called authorities on one or another subject. Do these three art-sciences change fundamentally as a result of society’s taking electricity for granted?

Especially today, with so much at stake at the global climate talks, I feel artists should reflect upon their own reflections of nature. Where are you going to turn when the power goes out? It is time to decide if your practice will be interrupted or inspired.