Practical Applications of Mathematics

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Apr 27

These days, so often is math associated with money that one may easily lose sight of the treasures of universal truth behind numbers. For me, music and astrology are crucial to an understanding of the history of human culture. These two disciplines were cornerstones of ancient learning systems, but have since gone by the wayside as perhaps the most asked education-related question continues to be, “So what are your plans after you finish your studies?”
Politicians are wrapped up in a frantic need to build up the economy and post better numbers, and education has been feeling a negative impact. How much sense does this make, really? Can we create employment and discourage students, all while stressing the importance of education’s job training? My current stance is that people are more obligated to find mathematical and scientific truths in nature than to apply their knowledge to engineering, medicine, and other businesses that put humankind’s harmony with nature to one side. If music lovers were exposed to the rich historical threads that portray music as an activity unextractable from the worship of natural divinity, they may shift their consciousness away from numbers on a bank statement and toward numbers of universal heartmind.