Feb 08

Picture How does one advance in any discipline without the ability to recognize one’s own progress? Staying humble might be necessarily balanced, then, with the idea that one must accept skill building. This points to the possibility for enlightenment during the earthly lifetime, an ultimate level of proficiency in any area, a chance for both self-appreciation and fulfillment. While many would argue that no one ever achieves a fully blossomed state in any field, I would present the need for positive self-reflection and a reverence for having worked through one’s developmental process. Here, one must loosen the bonds of looking down on oneself, of vain humility—as opposed to humility that is meaningful and useful—and not accepting a satisfactory feeling in the present moment. One need not brag, but, in my view, believing in deliverance and victory is a naturally logical human quality. It is not impossible to be humble and receive joy from our human potential simultaneously . . .

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