Music as a Universal Language, Access to Higher Consciousness?

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Mar 08

I have never told anybody what I am about to write. Ever since I began piano lessons at age four, I have often felt that, while playing music, I am somehow being watched. Though the physics of sound might prevent anybody besides me from hearing what I happen to be singing or playing, everybody seems to be hearing, if not listening to, me! Just me? Does anybody else experience this?

And access to this global or even universal, extratemporal audience does not necessarily mean pressure to perform well. Quite on the contrary in fact; singing and playing music most often provides comfort in part because, with this feeling (No, I do not actually think everyone can hear me. Do not call the men in the white coats.) of being watched and listened to comes undying support and acceptance, even when (not if!) I make mistakes.

I am interested in responses, anything you might think of. Thanks!

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