In the midst of the countless issues of this world, 

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Apr 21

I continue to research the history of music and perform as a vocalist and guitarist. One may criticize my perceived detachment, but just because I am not marching on Washington does not mean I am apathetic. In fact, my scholarly and artistic efforts are aimed at exacting a lasting effect on my community and, more vastly, the world now and hereafter. For me, it is important to substantiate my limited dealings with society with a knowledge of history as well as current events in human civilization on a broad spectrum.
This post has been written on the realization that I have been reclusive as a matter of lifestyle choice. Know that I work for you, for everyone who may take interest in applying music and language arts to the improvement of human awareness—even though you are left looking for traces of my public career. By improvement of human awareness I mean the propagation of peace not only among humans, but with earthly ecosystems and the nature of the heavens (and all cultural interpretations of Creation and Heaven, the Spirit World, etc.) as well.  As the humanist agenda established, moral philosophy must be one of the primary concerns. How will one’s work hold up to ethical critique? Now a question for you: of what practical use is the historical study of music or performances that exhibit musical genres from outside the financially-minded mainstream?