Campanelle for Modern Guitars: Exercises in C Major, G Major, and D Major

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Apr 08

Campanella technique as it existed on the Italian Baroque guitar has resulted in some confusion when it comes to transcriptions for modern instruments tuned in any non-reentrant manner. The most recent addition to the online store aims at making campanelle a reality on non-reentrant stringed instruments. The exercises in C Major, G Major, and D Major—keys on the flat side of the circle of fifths and those further along the sharp side do not lend themselves to a full treatment—are written for the six-string guitar in standard EADGBE tuning.

Let it be known that these exercises cover much more ground than just being practical for music in C Major, G Major, or D Major. They are applicable in some ways to the Church modes, as well as to the relative minors A Minor, E Minor, and B Minor. Further, the exercises provide good foundation for campanella shapes in other modes and keys (or even atonal or microtonal compositions), though said keys might not be realistic for an exercise spanning the entire gamut of the scale tonic to tonic. The YouTube video shared here was created in an earlier stage of my exploration of modern-guitar campanella. I am glad to have made good on my efforts to bring the exercises to a greater state of completeness and share something of pedagogical value. Thanks very much.