Seven-Stringed Harmony

By Lars Rosager | Music

Dec 17

Picture I’m almost through with my cold medicine—antibiotics and cough pills done, cough-syrup bottle nearly empty. So, my voice will be back next week. For now, check out some chords that use all seven strings of the seven-string guitar.

It’s a good opportunity to write a brief note on guitar technique. When playing chords that occupy more than five strings, place the c (pinky) finger on the highest-pitched string, the i (ring) on the next-highest, the m (middle) next, and the i (index) the next, which takes care of the four highest-pitched strings. The p (thumb) finger can handle the lowest-pitched string. If the chord makes use of six strings, then p does double duty. If there seven strings, then p and i each take two strings. Give it a try!

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