A Selection from Textual Chordophonics Live March 5

By Lars Rosager | Music

Feb 28


Happy Twenty-Fifth Birthday to my brother, Joel Rosager!

​Today, I am offering a recording of a tune I will be playing at a 2:00 pm concert on March 5 in Petaluma, CA, the first installment of the upcoming spring concert series Textual Chordophonics Live. Please visit the contact page of this website for more details and instructions on how to RSVP. Seats are limited, so please be in touch soon.

Why am I giving away the music I will be playing at the concert? Actually, this is not a complete spoiler—more of a reminder that, even in music in which improvisation plays no part, each performance and different context in which listeners appreciate music will always yield unique results. This, to me, is one of the great gifts music bestows upon the world.

“Moment and a Memory” is a jazz-style tune I wrote around seven years ago. Thanks in part to the freedom jazz improvisation affords, this recording testifies for yet another example of musical infinity!

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