Apr 16

New Album to Come

By Lars Rosager | Music

Around the beginning of this summer I will be recording “Extranjero”, an album comprised of diverse music.  It will be similar to Harmony Lives/Melodiboken, featuring both vocal and purely instrumental tracks.  I am even considering laying down some drums for a rendition of “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez.  For June and July I will be living in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México with my fiancée and her wonderful family.  In order to make up for the distance between the Bay Area and Chiapas, the new album will be available for download complete with photos and liner notes.  Expect this project to be completed by mid to late June.  Thank you.

Feb 15

Upcoming performances

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

Hi, all.  I will be performing at El Patio Mexican/El Salvadorian restaurant at 3193 Mission St. in San Francisco this Saturday, February 16, 2013.  A bit further off into the future, I have a performance scheduled at Java Beach on Judah St. at La Playa.  If there are other gigs between

Jul 20

Completed Album

By Lars Rosager | News

Well, the album is ready for sale!  It is a single CD in two separate sections.  It is my pleasure to offer my work for $20.00 USD per copy.  Thank you.

Jun 11

Harmony Lives/Melodiboken, a Double Album by Lars Rosager

By Lars Rosager | News

I am about to release a double album, everyone.  The first disc has some jazz, original compositions in a contemporary style, more traditional classical music and Brazilian choro.  The second disc is comprised of traditional Scandinavian chorales arranged for guitar by yours truly.  The two discs will be available within a couple months’ time.  Samples are available on this site as well as Facebook and Soundcloud.  Feel free to place an order with me now via email.  The cost will be $20.00 USD.  Expect a CD release party before the end of summer!  Thank you. 

Mar 30

Post Title.

By Lars Rosager | News

My compositions are for sale at People’s Music in Sebastopol, CA.  I am working on a guitar sonata with many alternative guitar techniques.  Are there are uncommon techniques you have discovered for guitar on your known or by way of someone else?  Thanks.

Feb 22

Tall Toad Music

By Lars Rosager | News

There are four pieces of mine for sale at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma, CA.  Check out the store!  They have instruments, lessons, sheet music etc.  Take care!

Jan 27

Flute and Guitar

By Lars Rosager | Music

Looking for suggestions – which tunes should I perform with my flute/guitar duet?  There’s a percussionist as well.  Looks like not many people are blogging here.  Hopefully little by little I will have more comments.  Takes a while to get it started.  Thanks!

Jan 24

Alternative Inspiration

By Lars Rosager | Uncategorized

I have recently come up with the idea of composing music according to maps.  I arrived at this conclusion through my interest in becoming more familiar with the geography of both my local region and the world in its entirety.  To be more specific, I will be using maps to measure phrase length, cadences and key centers according to altitude, mileage, curvature of roads etc.  My question for you is: What other interesting inspirations have you come across?  Are there some particular impetuses that stand out for you?  We can share different reasons for making music and literature, something which might not be so obvious or common place.