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Mar 06

Sample from Upcoming Release

By Lars Rosager | Music

Greetings! This video contains another sample of my current project, a composition for voice guitar dealing with the intertwining of color, season, and human sentiment. The music will be released with an accompanying essay treating some points on the moral philosophy of music education. Text—both set to music and in essay form—and guitar are inspired by some conclusions I have drawn with regard to universalist philosophy and scientifically reasoned spirituality, which are summarized briefly with the following:

    1. Human understands they exist within the scientific laws of the natural world.
    2. Ironically, what sets human apart from animal is the ability to partially defy mortality (i.e., nature), particularly through the quasi-eternity afforded by written language. Also, love and compassion are ways in which human might shun more immediate, “animal” concerns; in sum, human can envision a sort of liberation from science and natural survival, a contrast to item 1.
    3. These two propositions must be examined through scenarios involving a) the individual, b) the two-human dynamic, and c) the collective.

From these points, the essay expounds on how to most responsibly approach music education for various age groups. The musical composition is based on the idea of modulation through the full scope of the circle of fifths. Thank you.