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Jun 20

An Especially Bright Solstice

By Lars Rosager | Moral Philosophy

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Today, on the longest day of the year, the moon will shine full. At the luminous apex of the sun, the moon reaches plenitude. The last time this happened was on the summer solstice of 1967. In terms of astrology as a readily observable study of nature, this coincidence of apices represents a fulfillment of the self.

Let us not be confused, for the fulfillment of the self may potentially sound hedonistic and egotistical. With the possibility of sincere realizations of self-worth come temptations of pride, ignorance, and tyranny. Perhaps one is able to temper the negative connotations of the word “individualism” toward an appreciation for each and every component of the giant that is human consciousness past, present, and future. For now, enjoy the light—balance, harmony, wisdom.

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JT Bymaster

6/21/2016 10:12:41 am

Yes, yes, yes! Thanks for the right/left brain reminders. Your music and writing are beautiful offerings!



7/14/2016 05:50:58 am

It’s beautiful…power